Delivery Modalities

IHP Coach Delivery

Experience Focus Format
Stress & Recovery Managing Stress & Increasing Recovery 1-Day or Half Day (in-person or virtual)
Expanding Energy Expanding Energy & Achieving Growth 1-Day or Half Day (in-person or virtual)
IMPACT Experience Integrated stress, recovery and energy program 2.5 Day (in-person)
Leading With IMPACT Optimizing Leadership Impact 1-Day or Half-Day (in-person or virtual)


(Translation Available In 20+ Languages)​

Press Play: Stress & Recovery

This resource is intended for any leader/supervisor to use with their team(s) who may not be able to access a 1-Day or Half-Day Stress & Recovery Program. This training contains 35 minutes of modularized video content, along with a handout designed for individual reflection and group discussions; and a facilitator guide outlining both a 60 and 90-minute option depending on how much time the leader wants to dedicate to the session.

Performance Pauses​

These resources are intended for any leader / supervisor to use with their team(s) at the beginning of meetings / team huddles to bring more day-to-day awareness of key human performance behaviors and help shape team culture.

Each Performance Pause consists of a short video (4 to 5 minutes) and a handout designed for individual reflection and group discussion. Each Performance Pause can be delivered in 10-15 minutes.


Sleep & Shift Work | Fueling (Hydration) During the Workday | Human Connection (vs. Transaction) | Patience (Frustration Tolerance) | Recovery During the Workday | Reframing Your Physical Workday | Boundaries | Bring Joy to Work | Gratitude | Meaning in Life | Meeting Efficiency | Daily Behaviors that Impact Sleep | Movement During the Work Day

Leader Resources

Performance Leadership Modules​

These resources are intended for leaders only. Each 60 to 90-minute session
leverages the latest research, self-reflection activities, and group discussions for
leadership cohorts and leadership teams. Each module includes a session outline,
facilitator guide, slide deck, participant worksheet, and research document.
Recommended facilitation by leaders in HR, Talent Development, or Leadership Development.


Evolving Purpose | Resilient Leadership | Impactful Movement | Impactful Recovery


Press Play And Performance Pauses On-Demand​

On-Demand platform for fully flexible group or individual access to high production quality interactive video content.