Mission Performance Fueled By Human Performance

Solutions that enable your people to recover from stress and manage their energy more effectively.

Build Your Foundation:
Managing Stress & Increasing Recovery

We build a foundation for sustainable human performance by training people how to optimize their response to stress and create a personalized, practical approach to intentional recovery.

Foundational Pillars

Pillar 1:
Best Self

Become familiar with the characteristics of who you are at your best.

Pillar 2:
Identify Barriers

Understand the impact of suboptimal response to stress and lack of intentional recovery on your life.

Pillar 3:
Regulate Emotions

Gain awareness of your ability to effectively manage your emotional state in any given moment.

Pillar 4:
Stress Response

Learn to manage stress more proactively and objectively.

Pillar 5:
Intentional Recovery

Develop a personalized plan to engage in Recovery Pauses throughout your day.

Expand Your Energy Capacity:
Sustaining Energy & Achieving Growth

Once we have helped you to build a solid foundation, we then provide training on the components that will help you to expand your energy capacity to not only sustain performance, but also to promote growth: personally and professionally.

Expanding Energy Pillars

Pillar 1:

Learn how to align the stories you tell yourself with the beneficial behaviors that you are seeking to implement.

Pillar 2:

Understand how and when to supply your system with nutrients and hydration to meet energy demands.

Pillar 3:

Engage in small movement, large movement and breathwork activities that can be incorporated into your daily routine.

Pillar 4:
Evolving Purpose

Identify the values and behaviors that result in your showing up as your Best Self.

Pillar 5:

Begin to remove the barriers to achieving quality sleep and establish an effective sleep hygiene practice.

Impacting Every Organizational Level and Each Critical Cohort

Impacting Every Organizational Level and Each Critical Cohort:

  • Top Ranking Officials (GOs and Sr. Execs)
  • Leadership
  • Entire Force

The solutions can be tailored to specific cohorts:

  • Women’s Leadership
  • DE&I
  • High Potentials
  • Frontline
  • Hard-to-Reach
  • And many more…

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“This training was phenomenal! One of the most authentic and inspiring presentations I’ve seen in an Air Force environment. If we as Chiefs can tell our stories with enthusiasm but also from our inner truth, we can influence the majority early and often, and contribute to a much-needed institutional cultural overhaul.”

United States Air Force Participant
Senior Leadership Orientation Course