Press Play: Stress & Recovery

Managing Stress & Increasing Recovery

What is the Press Play: Stress & Recovery?

Every organization is operating in a hyper dynamic environment with aggressive growth targets and unprecedented levels of change. The impact on individuals within those organizations is overwhelm, exhaustion and burnout. Leaders are constantly looking for ways to support their teams through this challenging time and our Press Play: Managing Stress & Increasing Recovery product is designed to equip those leaders with a powerful and easy to deploy solution to this problem.

What are the components of the training?

We start by reconnecting you to who you are at your best. Then we explore what holds you back from being at your best - your barriers.

The primary barrier is the concept of emotional regulation.

– You most likely don’t have a clear understanding of how to regulate your emotions more efficiently in order to be your best more often.

Then we get tactical examining the concept of the stress response

– Defining the stress response
– Exploring how that plays out for each individual – especially with what we call ‘always on’ stressors and these unexpected stressors that happen without preparation or warning

Finally, we reframe the concept of recovery

– Defining intentional recovery
– Exploring how can you start to be more intentional with your recovery during the course of your day – even when you have little to no time.

What is the purpose of this training?

The purpose of digital training is twofold:

It can be the first access point to this training content – depending on the population, or the cohort, this can be the best modality to deploy the training.

If people have already participated in an IHP live training this can be used as a sustainability piece.

Repetition is the key to mastery. So rather than asking people to come to multiple live trainings over time, they get the initial training and then they use this digital training to reinforce what they have learned as many times as they may need.

When is it beneficial to use the Press Play: Managing Stress & Increasing Recovery

There are a few use cases:

  • Leader led group training sessions
  • Accessing hard to reach/frontline/field-based employees
  • Scaling to total employee populations

There are a few use cases:

  • 35-minute video delivered in mp4 file format
  • Simple discussion guide
  • Participant Worksheet

* Client to provide access to file sharing platform for file uploads

This training has been designed such that the videos are:

  • Short and concise
  • Easily integrated into existing routines/schedules 
  • Modularized – they can be completed all at once or at different periods of time 
  • Able to be viewed multiple times over time (repetition)

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“Working with IHP allowed us to deliver an inspiring, impactful, and effective experience to our Leadership team. Now more than ever, it’s imperative that we create opportunities for our teams to pause, reflect and evaluate their effectiveness and their needs as leaders. IHP are engaging in how they delivered content and tools that were both insightful and applicable.”

Sara Anhorn
Chief Talent Officer, Critical Mass