Press Play 'Resilience For Impact' Leader Led Module

This leader-led resource is intended for the Individual Leader to use with their team(s) as an intact session to experience our short form Resilience for Impact content without the need for an IHP coach to be ‘live’ in the room/Zoom.

This “Press Play” module contains ~35 minutes of video content of our facilitators coaching, along with a handout designed for individual reflection and group discussions; and a facilitator guide outlining both a 60 and 90-minute option depending on how much time the leader wants to dedicate to the session.

Discover the Experience

Program Contents

  • Re-establish sense of individual purpose through ‘Best Self’ work – what characteristics underpin your best performance personally and professionally
  • Understand the importance of re-igniting this drive for Best Self as a powerful source of intrinsic motivation for behavior change
  • Assess the current barriers you are experiencing to showing up as your Best Self – suboptimal response to stress and the mismanagement of energy
  • Gain insight into how you currently experience the four quadrants of emotional regulation: ideal performance state; recovery; stress response; burnout
  • Learn to manage stress more strategically in the heat of the moment by engaging the ‘challenge response’ to maintain maximum cognitive flexibility
  • Learn how to reduce the impact of your ‘always on’ stressors by objectively dialing down the size, urgency and negative perception of how you experience these issues
  • Reframe the concept of recovery, from a ‘future based’ activity, to a ‘daily engagement’ of fast, and powerful, modalities
  • Develop a personalized recovery menu to use during even the busiest of days
  • Commit to 30-day micro mission – the start of the incremental journey to best self


Intact teams


Live ‘In-Person’ or ‘Virtual’ Delivery facilitated by an internal Client Leader

60-90 minutes


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